Photo by Sasha • Stories / Unsplash

I feel like someone in a little boat in the ocean, making waves as the bow tries to forge its path - with new ideas and a different perspective on things, wanting to make a difference in the world. But the ocean has a different idea. It doesn’t want things to change.

It says: “No! You can’t do things differently. No! You’re doing it wrong - this isn’t how we do things. No! You might make a mistake and fail.”

And the waves crash down on the little boat, sending it careening onto the rocks. Now I’m left stranded on a small island; the small gifts I had with which to make a difference are scattered to the wind. My confidence is shattered and I’m scared to cause a ripple in this big sea. “Okay,” I say. “I will sit quietly and not try to do things my way. I will wait my turn.”

Storms come and break my bones, bruise my skin and make me afraid. Inside, the little light of creativity and earnestness gets smaller. “There must be a way to get off this island,” I whisper wearily. And I hope there is…I just need to find it.