Bristol born and bred, I’m a 30-something Writer with 15 years of experience of creating exciting and engaging content. By day, you’ll most likely find me writing in a coffee shop, listening to some tunes, when I’m not looking after the little bean.

Previously, I’ve worn many ‘hats’ under the marketing spectrum, covering PR, content creation, advertising, social media management and graphic design. However, my main focus has always been writing - whether that’s copywriting, creating content for the web, editorial work, or prose fiction.

As well as freelancing on and off over the years as a Copywriter, I've been a Staff Writer for an online film magazine, a Content Manager for a web design company, a PR Executive for an advertising agency, and a Marketing and Content Specialist for a large not-for-profit organisation in the food industry. This wealth of experience has afforded me the opportunity to learn about a variety of industries and to collaborate with a lovely bunch of creatives.

I have a disability in the form of a chronic illness/pain condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). As such, I’m quite interested in writing about what it’s like to have a disability, as well as issues relating to those with disabilities in general (e.g. representation, challenges people face etc). I’m also super passionate about promoting equity and diversity within the workplace - up until recently, I was both a Union Rep focusing on this and part of a group working towards improving representation and lived experiences at a large not-for-profit organisation.

Mum to the best small person in the entire world and wife to David Darnes, a Frontend Web Developer, amazing coffee fiend and my partner in crime. Together, we live just outside of Bristol, drink tons of good coffee and love to try new foods, watch movies and go on adventures. Check out my journal for reviews of some of the spots we like to frequent.

I’ve always been a writer. Throughout childhood, I often wrote little stories, which turned into writing scripts for film and TV at college. I then studied creative writing at Bath Spa University, majoring in prose fiction and scriptwriting, where I was fortunate enough to study under some amazing authors and the Hollywood Scriptwriter, Doug Chamberlin. I’ve also been working on a cyberpunk novel for over 10 years, which I hope to finish in the near future…watch this space!

If you want to work with me or would like to chat about a project, do get in touch. You can find out more about what I do on my Services page.