Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Price: ££££

We booked a table at The Gumstool Inn a few weeks ago for a family friend’s 75th birthday party. We had a really lovely time - the food was excellent, as was the service. The atmosphere is also relaxed and enjoyable, as it has been on previous occasions when we’ve dined there.

I had the venison rigatoni and the lemon posset, both of which were very tasty, but the dessert was especially good, and beautifully presented. Everyone really liked their meals, and when there was a small issue with one of them, the staff were more than happy to sort it out with no fuss, which we really appreciated.

What really stood out for me was how well the restaurant provides for babies and youngsters. I’d mentioned on booking that we’d need a high chair, as we have a 9 month old, and they’d not only put out the chair, but laid out a cup and plastic cutlery for her to use (she’s a little too young yet, but the thought was lovely). There is a children’s menu, but they also had a “purée” menu for babies, something I’ve never seen before! It really makes The Gumstool stand out in my eyes, as sometimes places can be a bit funny about having children and/or don’t provide very well for them.

The only small niggle I had is they add a 12.5% service charge as standard; while I do understand having this for larger parties, I’m not so happy about when it’s done for everyone. I’ll happily tip, but don’t like feeling as if you’re being made to do so, and it gets a bit awkward if you have to ask them to take it off, so would prefer it’s left up to diner discretion.

Otherwise, we had a fab time and will definitely come back in future. It’s a lovely place to go for a meal that’s bit more special.

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