If you're looking for a writer to help you with your next project, you've come to the right place.

I'm a Writer and Content Creator with 15 years experience in putting words together in a wide variety of formats, including website copy, social media content, blog posts, case studies, articles for magazines (both in print and online), reviews and interviews. I even dabble in a bit of prose fiction and scriptwriting.

If I was ever on Mastermind, my specialist subjects would be food, film and books, but I'm happy to write about whatever you need. I pride myself on doing lots of research and working with my clients to understand their requirements to provide them with outstanding copy. Words are my favourite - let me help craft yours.

Types of work


  • Reviews
  • Interviews
  • Short-form news pieces

Long form content

  • Blog posts
  • Case studies
  • Website copy

Social content (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mastodon)

  • Post content
  • Campaigns


I can look at your existing content and make suggestions on how to improve the current copy, as well as give ideas of other avenues you can pursue:

  • Copy editing
  • Content review and consultancy


  • Brand identity creation
  • Tone of voice documents/Brand guidelines

Areas I specialise in

  • Food
  • Film
  • Tech
  • Equity & Diversity
  • Environmental issues
  • I’ll write about almost anything, as I always perform lots of research to best understand the subject matter

Fun fact: I once wrote the copy for an entire micro site on funerals for a charity called The Bible Society.

Other skills

Alongside my work as a Writer, I’ve also got excellent skills in graphic design and project management, and a bit of coding experience (e.g. HTML/CSS and content management system wizardry) to boot.

I can easily work alongside your creative team, and am very happy collaborating with other Graphic Designers, Project Managers or Web Designers/Developers. If you’ve got a particular CMS you’d like me to use, that’s no problem: in the past, I’ve used Ghost, Wordpress, Magento and Umbraco, to name a few.


Here are some of the amazing clients I’ve worked with:

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