Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ | Price: ££

Tried Wingstop for the first time about a week ago - if you’re hungry and want something a bit different, it’s worth a try. I wouldn’t expect it to blow your mind, though.

We got our order to go to take to the cinema (as we didn’t have a huge amount of time). They let you choose 2 flavours of sauce for your wings, which is cool - a good way to try a couple of things at once. I chose garlic & parmesan and hickory smoked BBQ. The former didn’t really taste of garlic at all, which is a shame; however, there was a lot of BBQ sauce and it had a little kick to it, which was nice.

Unfortunately, the fries were a bit cold, even as soon as I opened them (this was only about 10 mins after receiving our order, so they must’ve been sitting around for a bit or something). The wings themselves were quite nice - I’m pretty sure they’d been deep fried, as they had a good crisp to them. My husband got the boneless wings and said they weren’t anything special, so I’d recommend going ‘bone in’ if you’re getting something from there.

Some people in the restaurant had gloves on, so I’m guessing they’d gone pretty hot with the sauces. Be prepared for some fire, if you’re choosing the hotter sauces!

My biggest gripe was when they asked if we had any allergies (I do), they directed us to a website to check the ingredients, but the site didn’t actually list what was in the sauces! I really like that they’ve got a good procedure in place; however, it’s not very helpful if they don’t say what ingredients are used. I asked the server, but she didn’t know, so I just took my chances (NB: it was fine, thankfully - I just avoided the sauces that sounded like they might contain what I’m allergic to).

A good place to try if you need a quick bite.

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